The views and advice presented in this document are opinions based on David Frey’s personal experience and is for educational purposes only.  David's opinions are offered in good faith, but do not and cannot constitute a therapist/patient relationship, therefore, there is no therapist/patient relationship.

In my coaching, speaking, and information products for couples, I draw on my experience being marriage for over 30 years, my research in the field and my many years observing and coaching married people.  My intention is that my advice is helpful and inspirational to spouses. 

The following disclaimer reminds advice-seekers that this information product is solely educational in nature, and that individual spouses are responsible for the use of the advice in this course.


Readers of this material are encouraged to seek counseling or medical help for their individual needs; in no way is this document intended as a substitute or alternative to medical or psychiatric attention. If you are in an abusive relationship of any kind, whether physical or emotional, I strongly urge you to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-789-SAFE (7233) to get immediate help.

If you suffer from depression, have an addiction or have any type of mental health issue, I strongly urge you to get professional help from a licensed therapist.

David is NOT a licensed therapist and is not registered, licensed or certified by any state or national certifying body. 

David Frey is not and cannot be responsible for any damages caused by users of this material or others relying on its advice or the information offered therein.

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